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The Rocker Tally over at OfficeTally!

Ok so if you like me want to see The Rocker, Rainn Wilson's new movie, check out OfficeTally's: 'The Rocker' Tally

It has alot of stuff on the movie and currently it has "A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FORM RAINN WILSON" written by Rainn Wilson.

Check out the bottom link to Jenna Fischer's My Space, which he hijacked today, well yesterday!

Anyway check it out!





Slapface in the Olympics!!!!

Since I live in LA and didn't know about it until I saw it I felt the need to post it so here it is....

Anybody but me watching the olympics????
ALSO The Office will begin in SEPTEMBER 25

Long time no post, huh?


I am aware of my non posting and I do apologize. I have been rather busy and finally have some time to update so here we go!!!

Comic Con:

So If you went or if you didn't here are helpful links to see all that you miss out in!

The Office: Writers Panel

OfficeTally-Comic Con
They have everything form this year including interviews and videos!

Torchwood (due to popular demand!)
All here in my playlist enjoy:
Torchwood Comic Con Panel

Yes and does included Naoko Mori and John Barrowman singing, Q&A and John Barrowman as Captain America?
Sadly Burn Gorman didn't attend :( So its RTD, Julie Gardener, John Barrowman, Gareth David Lloyd (best known as GDL or Eye Candy!) and Naoko Mori!

Fan Fiction!!!

If you know me then you know that I go on and on about Fan Fiction so I found some great stories that are PG and some that are smut lover friendly.

The Paper Bride
Its a spoof of the Princess Bride, its very cute and fluffly!
P.S. Also watch the Princess Bride before reading it, well that if you don't want to spoil it for yourself!

Four Weddings and A bird funeral
(PG for most of it but there is some smut so beware!)
Its also a spoof but its great and I makes you smile

Philly Jam
Oh, I love this story!!!! Unfortunately it is still not COMPLETE So yes I am mad about that! But read it and you wont be disappointed! :D

Near To You
(PG for the most part but it is rated T, so...)
So do you remember in the convention when Jim wants to call someone, but there is nobody to...well here he conquers his fears and calls Pam...the rest if just fluff!

The Last King of Scott Land
This is a group story and it involves Michael thinking he is related to royalty...Do I need to say more?

Twelve Days
(PG for most but smutty at the end, so maybe skip around like I did!)
This one is really funny and its a christmas story...I know that its summer but I don't care!!
Read and I think that you will like!

And everybody's insintant favorite:

Dunder Mifflin, This is Rose
Yes, it is a Doctor Who and Office crossover!
Its not finished yet but it will be soon and its great. Pam and Rose make very good friends!

If you are interested in more please do tell and I will share some more. Or you can always go to MTT that is in the links bar or to Fan Fiction.net which is also in the links bar!

Also those that don't say anything about not being completed are completed.

Hope to post my fan fic soon.... Bye


Very Excited! Today July 17 the Emmy's Nominations were announced!
For those of us who actually woke up to see them kudos!

Ok, Here is the list of the nominations for The Office!

★Outstanding Comedy Series
★Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Steve Carell
★Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Rainn Wilson
★Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series: Paul Liberstein: Money
★Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series: Paul Feig: Goodbye, Toby
★Outstanding Writing For a Comedy Series: Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupnitsky: Dinner Party
★Outstanding Picture Editing For a Comedy Series:Dave Rogers and Dean Holland: Goodbye, Toby
★Outstanding Sound Mixing For a Comedy Or Drama Series:Ben Patrick, John W. Cook II, Peter J. Nusbaum: Local Ad

They got Eight Nominations!!!

Also Mr. Ricky Gervais and Mr. Stephen Merchant also got some nominations:

★Outstanding Directing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special
Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

★Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie
Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale
Ricky Gervais as Andy Millman

★Outstanding Writing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special
Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

★Outstanding Made For Television Movie
Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale

Extras got two more nominations as well (not Gervais or Merchant related):

★Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing For A Miniseries Or A Movie
Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale
Richard Halladey and Graham Barker

★Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie
Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale
Ashley Jensen as Maggie Jacobs

They got Six nominations!

If you have not seen Extras you really have to see it! Andy Millman is hilarious and the Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale is hilarious and If you love the office you will love Extras!

Alright that's all for now!

For a list of the complete nominations visit THE COMPLETE 2008 NOMINATIONS LIST HERE
Ok, here are all those things that I haven't posted!
Ready? Ok! (Sorry my Cheerleader side came out of nowhere! Scary!)

The Rocker:
Its Rainn Wilson's new movie and all the info is in the Rocker Page and there is an Rocker Tally at OfficeTally!

Free Ryan T-shirt!

❝The Office Free Ryan T-Shirt
Clearly, Ryan's hands are tied. So join the revolution to set Ryan free with The Office Free Ryan T-Shirt. Featured on the front of this tee is an image of the inmate himself, Ryan, along with the words ''Free Ryan''.❞ (Buy it at the NBC store! link above along with a picture!) {Description by theNBC Store!}

More Mechandise at the NBC store
like the Comic Con Dwight Bobble Head and many more!

Office Spin-Off

For those who don't know that there is going to be an office spin-off then you must really never visit OfficeTally! Anyways they are creating a spin off that is to come out next year after the Super Bowl!
What we know:
★The cast of the new show will be all new (so nobody will leave!)
★The same writers are most likely to write for the show along with some new writers
★Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are also in the staff for the show along with Greg Daniels
★DIfferent actors have been rumored to be part of the cast like: Rashida Jones and just recently Amy Poehler!
And yes Officetally has a page so visit it for more info!

Comic Con
NO, it is not just for geeks and sci fi freaks like me, but also for people like office viewers!
This year Greg Daniels, Rainn Wilson and the writers will be there! Including one of my favorite writers of the office and everybody's favorite Cousin Mose: Michael Schur!

So if you were lucky enough to get tickets or are already going to the convention make sure to stop by and say Hi! to them on Saturday July 26 12:45-1:45 there will be a Q&A and NBC will also have a booth selling merchandise! Oh and it is at the San Diego Convention Center!
All info for who else will be there at the ComicCon page Registrations are Sold Out but I think that you can still get tickets!
If anybody is interested I can find out for you! I am unfortunately not attending this year! :(
But if you do, we like to see pictures!

Office Calendars!!!!!!

So for those of you who like me visit OfficeTally religiously like me, well then I guess you don't know that they are new office Calendars!!!! ( Hence the titled!☝)

So here is the information:
They are three different kind of 16-Month Calendars:

❃one is a DVD Wall Calendar
❃another is a Month Mini Wall Calendar
❃the last one is a Month Wall Calendar

For Pictures and where to buy visit the OfficeTallypage!

They are a great gift and perfect for dorms!

Reminder To Watch Family Feud Tonight

I just wanted to remind you all that tonight the cast of the office will be on Celebrity Family Feud e

It is going to be on at eight so you have a little while.

If you get this post too lat I am sorry, I just got my alarm.

For more info go to the post that is titled "Now for some Nifty Gifties"

Hope you see it!
I will post my respond and review to it and i hope you do too!

You can do it here. Hope to read your responds and reviews.

Now for some Nifty Gifties!!!

(Incase you were wondering yes, I did look that up↑)

Hello, Today is the fourth of July! So Happy Fourth of July! If you are reading this and saying "NO, its not it is not the fourth of July!". Ah, yeah it is! Look at the the date of my post. When you read this it will probably not be, but it is still for me SO HA!

Ok, enough of that, right, niffty gifties!

※Celebrity Family Feud

As nightlanzerx so nicely reminded me, this upcoming week's (Tuesday, July 8th) Celebrity Family Feud (NBC of course!) the office cast will appear! Their challengers will be American Galdiators. So that should be good.

For more info: official press release locate at the FUTON CRITIC

The Players are:
Brian Baumgartner,Phyllis Smith,Kate Flannery,Oscar Nuez, Creed Bratton.

Charity they are playing for: Children's Advocacy of Northeastern Pennsylvania
(Sources: my telly, nightlanzerx and the FUTON CRITIC)

※Emmy Nominations!

Emmy nominations will be annouced July 17.
But so far they have been having official countdowns. Right now they are at Ten and let me tell you the show is doing pretty good.
Top Ten Finalist

Best Comedy: The Office
Best Comedy Actor: Steve Carell
Best Supporting Comedy Actor: John Krasinski
Best Supporting Comedy Actor: Rainn Wilson
Best Supporting Comedy Actress: Jenna Fischer
Best Guest Comedy Actress: Amy Ryan (Holly)

So there you have it good news all around.
(Source: OfficeTally! (Have I emphasis how much I love this site!))

For more info, please contact my favorite office site of all time OfficeTally!
They are more things there like Angela Kinsey on PEOPLE or other tv apperances by the cast. Oh and pictures of Fans that meet the cast members. The latest is of a women who meet John Krasinski!!!

Office Games!!!

So to make things easier for us Office fans, they are going to have office board games!!

Yeah, it also will probably make is more anti-social but that is a risk we are all willing to take!

So there is going to be a 'DVD Board Game' and a 'Trivia Board Game'.

Visit OfficeTally for pictures and more info, here is the link!

There is a link also for the NBC store which is already selling it as a pre-order.
As soon as I find pictures I will post them!

Also in the NBC store you can find, The Office computer game, which is only for PC's so I am mad.
I am a MAC user and lover.
But no offense it is cheaper at Frys but if there is no Frys were you live, I guess you can buy it on Amazon here is the link!

The Price varies from one place to another! I'll post the best ones later!
OK I have to fix my internet before I post this.

So Good Night and Good Luck!


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